Angiographic Core Lab

The Angiographic Core Lab at SynvaCor is an integral part of our organization. The highly trained core lab staff, under the direction of Dr. Nilesh Goswami and Dr. Sachin Goel, specializes in the assessment and analysis of peripheral angiograms. A validated computer software program is utilized to obtain quantitative analysis measurements; such as percent diameter stenosis (% MLD), minimum lumen diameter (MLD), and reference vessel diameter (RVD). In addition, the core lab provides supplementary protocol driven qualitative assessments on all peripheral films that are submitted.

The core laboratory is customer focused and driven. SynvaCor partners will experience responsiveness and dedication at the highest levels to all projects: large or small, complex or simple. The Core Lab Medical Director and its staff are available to provide site and sponsor support, thereby ensuring that timelines are met, and that data quality is maintained throughout the course of a clinical trial.

SynvaCor and its staff are proud to play such an important role in providing industry partners with vital outcomes data for numerous research trials, as they strive to develop new drugs and devices for the treatment of PAD.

SFA Pre-Intervention

SFA with Stent

SFA Pre-Intervention QVA

SFA with Balloon Inflation

SFA Post-Intervention

SFA Post-Intervention QVA