Why SynvaCor?

SynvaCor’s primary focus is to enhance cardiovascular healthcare, while promoting advances in peripheral clinical trial research by providing skilled analysis of angiographic and wound images. We guarantee accurate, unbiased, and prompt analyses, with reproducible angiographic and wound endpoints.

What can be expected of SynvaCor?

SynvaCor has an in-depth and first-hand understanding of Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) clinical trial management, and an absolute dedication to the peripheral vasculature. Each and every one of our employees is committed to meeting the needs of our research partners. In order to accomplish these tasks, SynvaCor employs only the most skilled individuals and utilizes the most current technology available.

Our standard operating procedures provide us with the ability to react quickly and effectively, in order to meet the needs of our partners in a timely and customer friendly manner. We guarantee that, as a partner of SynvaCor, you will receive valid and reliable service every time. Essentially, we strive to merge clinical trial goals with validated results to provide the highest quality outcomes.

SynvaCor’s Core Labs

SynvaCor, PERC’s own Angiographic and Wound Core Lab, specializes in the analysis of peripheral angiograms, as well as area and depth assessments of non-healing wounds. The goal of SynvaCor is to collaborate with industry in order to enhance cardiovascular healthcare by providing skilled analysis of angiographic and wound images obtained during rigorous clinical trials which are devoted to the innovation of new drugs and devices in this field.

Angiographic Core Lab

Our Angiographic Core Lab’s current focus is on the vessels of the periphery which includes the Carotid, Renal, Iliac, Femoral, SFA and Infra-inguinal vessels. SynvaCor is able to provide accurate and reproducible analysis of these particular vascular beds through its use of a highly validated Quantitative Vascular Analysis software program. Besides accuracy and reproducibility, quality is of the utmost importance to our core lab. To assure a quality product is produced, all analysis and reporting of results undergoes a multi-step review process.

Wound Core Lab

Like the Angiographic portion of SynvaCor, the Wound Core Lab is structured in a similar manner to guarantee accuracy, reproducibility and quality. SynvaCor’s Wound Core Lab utilizes a wound image capture device that employs a structured lighting system, allowing for the precise assessment of wound borders and measurements of area and depth. The specialized functions of the device in addition to SynvaCor’s systematic approach to wound assessment ensures that standardized guidelines are followed which helps to ensure accuracy. Furthermore, through this analysis process and the Core Lab’s established guidelines, accurate predictions regarding the likelihood of long-term wound healing can be determined.

The use of highly validated and innovative software, as well as close vendor and sponsor collaboration, enables SynvaCor to successfully meet the needs of each clinical trial. Moreover, through the use of specialized project plans that are trial specific, the rigorous training of the analysts, as well as the multi-step review process, SynvaCor is able to merge clinical trial goals with a quality product and validated results that help meet the future needs in cardiovascular healthcare.

SynvaCor Partners

SynvaCor enjoys working relationships with the following industry leaders:

  • ev3
  • Lutonix
  • MEDRAD Interventional
  • Medtronic/Invatec
  • Atrium
  • Cardiovascular Systems Inc
  • CV Ingenuity
  • CR Bard
  • J&J
  • Boston Scientific


International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001 Compliant

SynvaCor is committed to meeting customer requirements, enhancing customer satisfaction, and improving the quality of research and education. This is achieved through continual improvement of our processes, products, services and quality management system.

Nilesh Goswami, M.D., FACC, FSCAI
Co-Medical Director, SynvaCor
Angiographic Core Laboratory

Sachin Goel, M.D., RPVI
Co-Medical Director, SynvaCor
Angiographic Core Laboratory

Aman Khurana, M.D., RPVI
Medical Director, SynvaCor
Wound Core Laboratory