SynvaCor’s Core Labs

SynvaCor, PERC’s own Angiographic Core Lab, specializes in the analysis of peripheral angiograms. The goal of SynvaCor is to collaborate with industry in order to enhance cardiovascular healthcare by providing skilled analysis of angiographic images obtained during rigorous clinical trials which are devoted to the innovation of new drugs and devices in this field.

Angiographic Core Lab
Our Angiographic Core Lab’s current focus is on the vessels of the periphery which includes the Carotid, Renal, Iliac, Femoral, SFA and Infra-inguinal vessels. SynvaCor is able to provide accurate and reproducible analysis of these particular vascular beds through its use of a highly validated Quantitative Vascular Analysis software program. Besides accuracy and reproducibility, quality is of the utmost importance to our core lab. To assure a quality product is produced, all analysis and reporting of results undergoes a multi-step review process.

The use of highly validated and innovative software, as well as close vendor and sponsor collaboration, enables SynvaCor to successfully meet the needs of each clinical trial. Moreover, through the use of specialized project plans that are trial specific, the rigorous training of the analysts, as well as the multi-step review process, SynvaCor is able to merge clinical trial goals with a quality product and validated results that help meet the future needs in cardiovascular healthcare.