Step 1: Notify a Nurse Planner that you are planning an event/series and are requesting CNE:  If you are unsure who your local Nurse Planner is, please feel free to reach out to the HSHS/PERC Continuing Education Department team by either emailing us at [email protected] or by calling us at (217)492-9100 ext. 29113. Please provide the Nurse Planner with any details specific to the event/series as applicable at the time of contact. We understand that these things take time to plan, so we know that all the information may not be readily available but as soon as it is, we would love to know and document for CE.

**Please note that you must include a Nurse Planner in the initial planning phases of your activity, to be able to provide CE.


Step 2: Work with a local Nurse Planner to complete the CE Planning Form: The Nurse Planner will complete the online CE Planning Form, including, but not limited to, identifying the practice gap and need for this event/series (needs data). Once done, the Nurse Planner will submit the CE Planning Form online, and the Lead Nurse Planner will review/approve.


Step 3: Conflict of Interest (COI) Form: The conflict of interest (COI) form is another requirement of CNE, although it is separate from the planning form.  The COI form will need to be completed by anyone who is involved with presenting or planning information, for the event.  The COI Form is CNE’s way of documenting commercial bias (if any) of the presenters and planners.  CNE Educational Programs must be free from commercial bias, per the ANCC (our accrediting body).  All presenters and planners will be able to submit their online applications through our CNE software. Once these individuals are added to your planning form, an email will be sent to them prompting them to login and fill out their COI.  In addition to the completed COI Form, the CNE staff will also request a CV/Bio for each presenter/planner.



The following document will give you a step by step guide on how to submit a COI form in our online CME software.

How to Submit a COI

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